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November 10th, 2013, 09:27
I guess I agree with greywolf00, here. It may not be like PE but I think they can still learn from small indie companies who have been successful in surviving in the market. When you are self-employed or running a small company, you cannot rely on other functions inside of your company or other companies in business with it as you do when you are working at bigger companies.

According to Kordanor, Henkel appeared in German magazines, which probably explains why German backers were quick to act. However, at the same time, he seems to have told that he wouldn't like to play as a key person since he values team work as a German corporate culture.

Actually, even Avellone has been repeating that the importance of team work. I remember him mentioning Colin (even before the Torment Kickstater) or even Brian Mitsoda whenever he finds opportunity appropriate. However, I think he understands that it's a valid tactics to make use of his fame, judging from the fact that he sacrificed presented himself as a Kickstarter stretch goal. So, I think he should get into the marketing mode especially if he really values team work (since I think it is what he can do during crowd-funding campaign). The team cannot rely on other systems to do marketing task and need to resort to any means available, which may even mean someone acting like a mascot. Also, Swen did a good job in introducing developer members in his uplifting updates, highlighting both family feel of the devs and professional responsibility in his own relaxed manner. I know not every person is born to get spotlight (Remember the proper "shy geek"-ish reaction of Sawyer in PE broadcasting?) but I hope Henkel and his teammates will do his/their best enough not to leave something regretted during their campaign. You know, they have already joined a bloody competition in robbing other people of money for their winter vacation. They should be determined to rob them blind.
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