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November 11th, 2013, 04:54
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Yep, I liked the pitch well enough to help fund the last bit. Early access isn't for everyone.

@sakichop-The combat choices are in line with tactics more than player choice. Most maps will have natural or man-made terrain that can be used in combat. For instance you might knock over a bunch of crates, then cast a fire spell at them and create a fire barrier that will damage melee characters passing through. If your dwarf takes a wound, you can place a taller character in front of him and ranged attackers will have to move to be able to get a shot at him. If you use a piece of tall terrain for him to move behind, then they might have to close to melee to reach him at all, then he has the major advantage.
Yep, right after I asked about the hotbar I got a tutorial for it in my next play session.

Also many of they things you mentioned are now starting to appear. it seems they work it in very slowly.

I do like how they have different victory conditions on some maps and even some with secondary goals, like saving the princess.

So far it's been pretty linear and I haven't notice any C&C but it's early so that could change.

It does have a bit of an addictive quality to it and since most maps are 10-15 minutes each it's easy to pick up and put down which is probably why I find myself playing it more than anything else I'm currently playing.

I know most here probably wont agree but I still can't help but think this would make a perfect tablet game.
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