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November 11th, 2013, 20:56
Nobody mentioned hate for Bethesda. Elder Scrolls games has been always buggy but I liked them, till they started to dumb down the game in Oblivion which reached to its pinnacle in Skyrim. There is no irrationality or any strong emotion such as hate within my words against Bethesda. They did good games and bad games. And Skyrim is a bad game from RPG perspective. While I could argue in detailed form, it is not the place for it.

Back to topic:

@Kordanor: Actually current intro is not actually a video or real intro. It is just a camera walking over some crafted world segment in the engine with a bad narrative. But as far as I follow the official forums, there are thoughts on it to change.

And to see advancements you will not have to wait that long…considering they did/are still revamping several places of the game nonstop. And they are really working hard. One of the highlights of the next patch is NPC models and new User Interface for example.

And honestly? I'd rather not desert efforts for a Blade of Destiny in favor of an imaginary Star Trail. Their test is here and they should add good things now. In a few years nobody will remember the shitstorms. But the game will find its place as an old-school remake with full features of the original and many fine additions to it. Those who value solid RPG elements will eventually find it, play it and enjoy it, even if they have been very biased against it 2 years before. In the end, there are many people who enjoys the game even right now. So, as long as developers keep on like they used to last few months, the story is bound to end with a "good" ending.
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