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November 12th, 2013, 09:33
While I would appreciate more info (which I am sure will be coming in the next updates) this game is sounding like something I would certainly like to play. It will be sad if this doesn't make it. (will be backing soon)

A bit off topic: I do not understand what is the problem with German fans and amazon payments ?! a simple debit (not credit) card is totally sufficient for it. I've been using a Visa Electron for years for all my e-payments (various shops across Europe). I've only needed paypal for some American shops…

I have an account on amazon.co.uk linked with the visa Electron and I logged in to amazon payments via that one. Works just fine…

P.S I like the whole look of the traits screen and the disadvantages in particular remind a bit of Ars Magica (only a good thing in my book ).
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