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November 12th, 2013, 13:11
Core mechanics and ideas come from the game yes, if the originals had a good part of those core mechanics and ideas in motion(sadly original could not fulfill what it promised). Rebuilding the whole world is not a minor addon and definitely there are/will be events which are not flavor but have significant impact on gameplay. And since you speak like that, I suppose you have no thorough knowledge on original games or the state of this particular game.

And nobody can make you support developers, but at least we can make unaffected people see the both sides of the issue. It is so easy to curse, derogate or devalue a game with shitstorms and incessant whining while donning nostalgia googles. The hard and right way is to be constructive and supportive to back an ideal instead saying "Ah maybe next time." Because there might be "no next time" and there are a good deal of people who wants there should be "next time". Hence supporting it.

For your information, the game was already playable for a few months if you look from "core" perspective…in that case it already exceeded your maximum.
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