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November 12th, 2013, 13:18
Originally Posted by syllogz View Post
Well, then they are playing the Sage wrong (if it's a healer).
In PvE story, all you need is the tank companion, who does all the fight, and then you just spam shield and healing stuff, practically standing still. You can put in some ranged attacks, DoTs and CC.

I've no clue about PvP. But there everyone is running around anyways.
In principle you are right. But then, there's the DD trees as well.

But that's another topic.

Originally Posted by fungus View Post
L2P - 'Learn to play'. Common in MMOs, where insulting people is so common you don't have time to do it full size H2F is a little trickier, but it seems to mean 'heal to full'. May be SWTOR specific.
Yes, that's right. "heal to full" became an SWTOR-specific meme after a dev's answer towards the Sorceror class (which is the mirror of the Sage class) was published.
In principle, it says that the Marauder - a strong DD class - "cannot heal to full", but the rather squishy Sage/Sorceror classes [primarily oriented towards Healing] can do so,
so, the dev argued, the Sorc/Sage classes are much, much better than the DD classes !

For completeness' sake, I'd provide a link to it, but right now they are patching, that's why their web site is down.
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