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November 12th, 2013, 15:38
I came from a Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 5.

Things I don't like.
-NonRounded corners of the case. It just doesn't feel as good in your hand as the GN. I have a case coming in so this complaint doesn't really matter.
-Button Placement. The GN buttons were more away from the edges than the N5 which I prefer.
-The screen. Not that the N5 screen is bad but I liked the GN one better (when it worked perfectly). Better colors for sure in the GN.
-Battery. The battery doesn't seem to last long, about as long as the GN did when it was 1.5 years old. The battery isn't replaceable also.
-Speaker, at full volume its distorted. They are working on a software fix for that tho. Also the earbud volume doesn't seem to be as loud as the GN.

Things I like:
-The PoWeR! Its clearly faster. Super smooth and fast everything.
-The screen is a bit larger. I wanted a Note 3 but just didn't want to pay the money for it so settled for the N5.

My GN was on the way out. I'm not impressed with Samsungs longevity in their products. My old HTC Nexus 1 still works perfectly yet the GN screen is not right as it has offcolored lines in it and lots of them. It also stuttered and paused a bit in normal usage. I would have probably kept the GN if the screen wasn't messing up. The 4.3 update slowed down my GN and made it not as smooth as it used to be.
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