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November 12th, 2013, 20:08
Direct Debit does not equal Direct Debit.
In Germany and Austria they have different systems (Elektronisches Lastschriftverfahren - short: ELV). They have another system in spain. And even another in France (Carte Bleu).
Now if you want to pay in a German shop with Direct Debit, they will probably only offer that you pay with the German ELV System.
Well actually Germany even has another system on top called Giropay but that's another story.
ELV works like this: You enter your payment details in a shop and buy your product. At that point the shop can only confirm wether the number of digits are right but not much more. After that the shop goes to the bank with this details and tries to get the money. This process normally takes like 1-3 days.
If the money isn't available then the bank will first give them the money and then take it back again and say "nope, not available" which is a chargeback and either causes additional costs for the customer or the company depending on company procedures.
In either case the company is screwed because they might already have given away the product and now need to find a way to get the money.

Credit Cards however are always the same on the surface. Where the money is coming from can be different. But in the very moment you enter the details, it's checked whether the money is available or not. If it's not available the payment is aborted and nothing happens.

The topic is quite complex and that is why european customers need "special care" on that side. Companies in Europe often hire other companies to take care of their payment stuff. If you want to sell your product online in Germany you have to offer payment via ELV, which is a pain in the ass for most companies from other countries.

As most international Shops, Amazon US does not support ELV or any of these other direct debit methods.

But there is another option, which Guido mentioned in the update: PaySafe. PaySafe is another abomination coming from a German speaking country: Austria.
A PaySafe card is basically working as a prepaid credit card but it's a completely different payment system. Like Visa or Mastercard the shop needs to support payments from this source. As far as I understand you can buy Amazon.com vouchers directly on the paysafe card and then use them again to buy stuff on amazon. But I cannot guarantee that this works for Kickstarter.
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