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November 12th, 2013, 20:45
It's not working that way. Kickstarter only works with Amazon.com as payment. They simply don't care about paypal.

The use of paypal is completely parallel to the whole project. So a project could offer to help fund it via paypal, but they would need to establish an infrastructure outsite of the kickstarter project, maybe on an own site.

The reason why most kickstarter projects only offer that when the goal is secured is because otherwise everyone who prefers to pledge via paypal instead of credit card is one person lost for reaching the kickstarter goal.
Kickstarter doesn't care if you have 80/100k on kickstarter and another 50k collected yourself via paypal, or checks, or robbed a bank. For kickstarter only the kickstarter value is relevant. So in the case of 80/100k and 50k via paypal (which is sent instantly) the following would happen: Kickstarter goal is not reached, the 80k are "lost" and the 50k are now at the project starter. They however will need to send it back to all individual backers because they won't be able to finish the project with that amount.

So instead the project creators wait till they are absolutely sure that they reach their goal, and THEN start to collect via paypal.
Another option a couple of projects took was going to indiegogo after having a kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter was to secure the minimum funding and indiegogo offers everyone else to pay via paypal. That way the project creator can use the payment structure of these crowdfunding sites and doesn't need to put any effort into that kind of thing.
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