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November 13th, 2013, 01:03
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Also, I don't think 3 acts is enough - as they're relatively small. The game is in serious need of 1-2 more acts.

But other than that, it's quite fantastic for what it is - but it's very much a game made with the Diablo 2 mindset.

I'd still prefer Diablo 3 with loot 2.0 and the expansion.
Yeah, I agree and many others do as well. PoE does suffer from not enough content, even though I initially thought it had a fair amount. Part of the problem is the areas are randomized to a fault, resulting in totally illogical and "maze-like" areas. Ironically D2 had this issue too…I do prefer the Torchlight 2 method, which was random but with larger prefabs resulting in logical layouts.

And yes…PoE copies D2 to a fault I say. The XP penalty, the forced grinding at higher levels…the annoying searching for waypoints…a lot of annoyances.

Hence, I have to agree that Blizzard's more player-friendly D3 with loot 2.0 is a lot more fun. PoE is fun at lower levels but then becomes pretty obnoxious, much like an MMO.
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