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November 13th, 2013, 12:46
Hey guys,

Thank you people for your support and decent criticism about After Reset RPG. All you said was fair and as a player I would have the same concerns. Because like you I got a lot of disappointments as well. So once I just decided "enough of talking… if you want to get something, do it yourself". Thus AR turned into big part of my life.

I feel like to put here my honest explanation about "900k issue" from our discussions on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/…t-rpg/comments

Frankly our pr agency said the same.But please don't forget that that is nit about the money, but about the game and about people. Is there enough people who want this game or not. $900k was not taken out of the blue. It is realistic estimation of development of such a game. I cant set $100k or $500k goal spend the money and then just say "ops, we are out of money, sorry"… or release some trash without fulfilling promises of really good game I made. This would be unfair and unworthy. I am the same gamer as you are. Hope you understand…

btw, as I wrote I've already put about $50k of my own into this game, just because I like what I do and because of people who are waiting for this game. And I didn't expect anything in return when I did that.

And one again, thanks for your support. Friendly backers could really speed up the process and make release date closer. But even more important for is to see how many people really need my game. How many people want to play it. That is the main force of my inspiration to put the necessary funds of my own into it.

I think is doesn't matter will KS bring some money or not. I think the important thing is how many people really want that game. So that everyone who is waiting for it could proudly say "I did that I could to make this game a reality".
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