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November 13th, 2013, 17:09
Originally Posted by azarhal View Post
That's your reason to lost hope on company? How they handle death? I suggest you do not watch the latest round table video on the death penalty in EQNext (or maybe check it because seen the dev having no idea how they will handle it is quite revealing).

I used to be interested in EQNext, but each new round table makes me think that it's going to be the next lobby-game on the market. I call MMOs where you can zip-zap everywhere and with a bunch of ultra-convenient features lobby-games. I already got GW2 for that, I don't need another one.

Now though, landmark is a prettier Minecraft mixed with NWN GM feature (once everything is in place to allow players to place mobs and scripts events) and that looks a lot more interesting to me. Not sure of the end result though…
That is one of the reasons. The *real* cash for death/revive thing is their latest "bright" idea! One of my friend was joking that next they will add a button next to raid boss and if you press it and pay real cash you get instant kill!
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