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November 13th, 2013, 18:18
I know it is impossible for a 'Game X for iOS' thread to exist without attracting 'dur, ios r luzers, Android r future' type comments … but the business case of WHY every game, app, and accessory of any note continues to be either iOS-centric or at least iOS-first.

Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
unless Apple is paying them to be 'iOS exclusive', it's stupid to make it so. If anything make it iOS/Android, as there are far more Android devices than iOS (and the difference gets bigger every day). Maybe when they started development iOS was king of the world, but that ceased to be the case about 2 years ago.
Unless they don't care about money, it is stupid to develop for Android

Here is the reality about Android:
- They might 'ship' 80% of devices, but they DO NOT have 80% install base. In fact, outside of China their actual install base of devices is much closer to parity than the blind 'market share' suggests.
- Why is that so? Android users have more 'device churn' (i.e. more replacements than new users), many more returns (again, a return replacement is a 'new sale' for Google), and so on.
- Despite higher 'market share', if you want to make money … you develop for iOS. iOS games are where the money is. Sure the numbers appear to be narrowing - but guess why? China - many 'freemium' games have mandated payments in China, some very high. In EU and US, Android users still don't pay. AND (more importantly) the situation is worse for tablets.
- What is worse than not making money through sales? Terrible ROI … in other words, not only do you make less in sales, development costs are much higher! There were estimates that the overall profitability of iOS vs. Android was 150x!

And, most of the comparisons citing so-called Android dominance is all about smartphones. When it comes to tablets, you have Samsung, Nexus and Kindle Fire. Kindle Fire doesn't support Google Play (although I am loving the new 7" HDX) so that is out - and it is the #1 seller in the US. Nexus keeps plodding along doing reasonably well - but there are significant issues of compatibility between devices. Samsung is the world leader, but their top sellers are, frankly, cheap crap that is equal to the $79 bargain store tablets … in other words, not capable of running challenging games.

Also, when you are developing a game you want controls to be responsive - and it has been proven again and again that even on 'superior' hardware Android lags iOS touch response considerably.

So the real answer would be 'dur, why would anyone with a small team bother with Android until later?'


Of course, then there is the larger issue of controls and the 'tablet gaming experience'. All those who believe that 'thumbs on glass' will ever equal 'mouse & keyboard' for providing an optimal experience for a 3rd person action game, speak now:

<chirp, chirp>


So the the question is whether it provides a satisfying gaming experience within the confines of being a tablet game. Personally I think it looks great, and Daggerford was my fave NWN module, and I also liked Mysteries of Westgate … so I am very much willing to believe that Ossian will deliver a worthwhile iOS RPG gaming experience.

But as D'Artagnan and I have discussed at length, those last four words drip heavy with context.
-- Mike
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