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November 14th, 2013, 14:45
Black Cloud Studios has posted the first update for After Reset with more details about the games DRM , and talks about the lore of The New Confederacy.


The Confederate Cities of America (CCA) commonly referred to as the Confederate Cities (CC) or the New Confederacy, was set up on February 4, 130AR (130 years After the Reset) by several cities within the region formerly known as North America. Those cities included in the New Confederacy were all survivors of the Reset and the nuclear holocaust that came with it, with populations directly descended from the survivors of the Reset. The creation of the CCA was heavily influenced by the Dallas Incident that occurred less than a year before its founding. It was also thanks to the personal charisma and experience of Bill Thomas, who united 5 of the survivor cities in Former North America and became the first President of The Confederate Cities of America after its formation.


Your "Global influence of choice and consequences". Can you explain that?

RE: After your first play through, all your choices could be sent to our server. After the game session (1-2 years after release) our PC will calculate global ending of the session for After Reset setting. All people’s choices will be taken into account. Than me myself (as the author of the setting) with our story masters will polish it. By all of that we will get one unite global ending for the setting plus to your own one. And they combine well within the story (I mean personal ending and global one).

Does the Internet required to activate or play the game? Am I forced to use the internet for that?

RE: You are completely free to use it or not. Internet connection is required only for co-op, global ending influence and several small bonus ‘cookies’ from our exclusive pledges (to activate them). If you don’t want to connect to Internet you are free to play it with your CD-KEY like in good old Fallout 1&2… or just play cracked version from the Pirate Bay. But you will not be able to affect the setting, play co-op and use other small testy ‘cookies’ of Quantum Sync feature.

Speaking of DRM, will there be a DRM free version?

RE: After Reset RPG will be DRM-free.

What is the difference between NORMAL and DIRECTORS'S CUT version? It says (no violence/morale/language restrictions switcher). What does it mean, exactly?

RE: Director’s Cut is for hardcore sociopaths But to be serious, those editions will have different ERSB ratings. Maximize violence is in Director’s Cut. As well as no language or actions restrictions. If you remember that devs had to cut off possibility of killing children in Fallout, then you know what I mean. I am also going to try to avoid any restrictions for real receipts of and made arms, explosive, stims and drugs. As well we are going to make much more violent animations. That cost more in production (e.g. recreating 1/3 of only character animations from Fallout 2 by motion capture technology we use for our game costs more than $12k).

What about a dialogue system to interact with NPCs? Is it going to be a full dialogue or a keyword system?

RE: There will be an old school full dialogue system. Remember the one in Fallout 1&2? Then just add reaction timer from Walking Dead: The Game and you will know exactly what to expect.
More information.
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