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November 14th, 2013, 21:57
Looks like a decent first patch here are change notes.

Patch 1 - Changelog
Hi Blackguards players!

We've got some good news for you! Based on your very good feedback here on the boards, including bug reports, we've worked on Patch 1 for this Early Access phase. This update will be provided to you in about an hour (thats around 5 p.m. CET / 10 a.m. PST). We did our best to improve overall gameplay, as well as technical performance. Of course, our efforts are far from complete by now! We could not tend to everything we are aware of already, but remember that further updates are coming along soon.

Please note that this is not a content patch, which will be released in about a week from now and will include the second chapter.

If you do not wish to play the updated version of Blackguards, you can switch off auto-updating in your Steam library (right click on Blackguards -> Properties -> Updates).

Please keep up the good work. You helped us a lot already and we highly encourage you to go on with what you're already doing: Playing the game and giving us your opionion.

So, without further delay, here's the changelog for Patch 1:

New Features
Added the hotkey “K” for hiding dev build infos.
Added „simple“ hex field which is only outlines. Found in the “Options”.
Added display of actual weapon value modifiers.
Added in-battle voice comments from heroes and npc's.
Added missing sound fx to chapter 1 cutscenes.
Improved overall sound balance (most significantly: lowered music volume).
Improved sound fx for special attacks and monster maneuvers.
Added additional loading screen hints.

Fixed Bugs


Fixed several crashes and freezes.


Fixed the savegame list overlaying the main menu loading screen.
Fixed that hovering the attributes in the character sheet would highlight all base values after a while.
The infobox is now cleared after switching to another character sheet tab.
Talents/Spells/Attributes etc. are now locked to the infobox with a click.
Fixed that stackable items have a „How much to use“ setting, even if the stack only had 1 item.
Skill changes will not be saved without asking anymore, if the player switches to another tab of the character sheet. (E.g skilling a talent and then switching to attributes.)
Fixed loot menu visual fx.
Removed F12 console hotkey.
Fixed that all armor pieces were marked as being metallic.
Moving the worldmap via mouse drag will not accidentally let the player travel to another hotspot anymore.


Fixed several typos.
Fixed several “NoKey” errors.
Fixed several translation issues.


Fixed Quest reward of the „Brotherly Love“ sidequest.
The player can now return to the Neetha graveyard if he didn't visit all tombs before getting chased out by Lasca.
Bal and Cadalman are now marked by a Questmarker during their part of the Main Quest in Drôlsash.


Fixed a number of floor material and foot stomp fx bugs.
Fixed loot menu sounds.


Fixed a bug that caused some dead enemies to „shine“.


Fixed that Portuguese was displayed as Portuguese-Portugal instead of Portuguese-Brasil.
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