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November 15th, 2013, 07:05
(forget what I said about this version containing only one third of the game… we indeed were asked to test such limited version but it was NOT the early access version provided on Steam but an updated version of the demo that everybody can try for free - sorry for the confusion )

This game is awesome to play… and, I must say, to play again because the real interest of this game is to try different ways to do what you want, with different charaters. Because contrary to other RPGs in which, when you play another character, the quests are still the same [so basicaly you simply kill you ennemis a different way (if you were knight the first time you used a sword and if you were a magician the second time you used spells, but the quests and ennemies don't change so it's not interesting)], in AoD there are 8 different types of characters and they don't have the same quests or same way to succeed.

For example, if you choose a merchand, you are working for the Commercium, which, in the first city, wants to get ride of the Imperial Guards that are seen as an obstacle to business. While if you play an Imperial Guard, your goal is to enforce the law and order in the city (and even more but no spoiler), and impose higher tax on the Commercium in order to buy more weapons, so on, so the quests are differents because the goals are different. Also, you can play a "loremaster", so a guy basicaly quite neutral who will try to avoid taking side between Commercium and Imperial Guards, in order to try to collect artefacts… but in order to do so, he may have to work, at least temporarly, with one, or even both, sides. And so on. And it's the same thing for the other types of characters.
And, you can even play the same type of character but try a different way to succeed. For example, one way could be to go steal a certain document to show to the king that your ennemy is ploting something and get his support, or another way to get the support of the king could be to forge the document in question, and so on. There are tones of possibilities in this game !

For your information, this is not official, but by talking with the devs, I've learn that the final full version is expected for february/march 2014 if everything goes well.

… according to the AoD spokeperson it will be a bit later than what I was told some time ago, so I guess there are some delays or they prefer to play it safe. But, anyway, does it really matter if we have to wait 3 extra months when a game is so unique and captivating ?
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