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November 15th, 2013, 16:18
Originally Posted by cptbarkey View Post
Steam Early Access: counting the chickens before they hatched.
If the Star Citizen kickstarter is anything to go buy then unhatched chickens are the most valuable! Everyone just imagines what they want and that SC is it and throws money at their dreams. When the game comes out with a host of cut features but a whole heap of extra DLC monetizing they might actually come down to earth.

Originally Posted by you
Feb/march is horrible time frame; middle of D:OS/Wasteland 2/AOW3 releases
Don't forget Dark Souls 2 and Titanfall!

But back on topic,

I've been distantly following AoD since that first combat arena and I loved the demo. Trying to always take the combat option proved to be extremely difficult and at times I even considered taking the hardened veteran but felt I'd lose bragging rights if I did.

I did feel a bit like the leeway allowed for a win at times came down to reloading until I got a lucky die roll more than tactics, but this was a long time ago now with the first release of the demo, so my perspective might be inaccurate when applied to the current build.

Definitely one of my most wanted games!
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