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November 15th, 2013, 19:22
I totally agree on what TheSheeep (now featuring three Es) wrote about balancing.

The Tinkermage is completely off. I am playing on Torment and due to the Tinkermage turrets there aren't really any very hard fights.
Part of why I enjoyed Avernum so much were the really challenging fights.
In Avernum 2 I normally run around without using any turret until I come to a harder fight where I use these turrets and they are normally a piece of cake as well. In Avernum I was "working" a couple of hours on several fights. In Avadon 2 (at least to the point where I played so far: Exploring temples, being at lvl 27/30 or so) the hardest fights I had were beaten after 3 tries or so. (Have to add that I never let anyone drop unconcious in both games).

I also want to highlight one point Fluent mentioned:
The entire dialog system in the game, in fact, gives you just enough information to be nicely detailed, yet not so much that you are slogging through walls of text that are numbing your brain.
For the most part that is completely true and I think a lot of other games can take Avadon 2 (or any of the other Spiderweb games) as great example and it makes a huge difference gameplay wise.
1. You don't feel bothered by the text because it's not too long
2. It's surprises you by being very dynamic
3. There are several situations when your answer actually has an impact

All these points make the dialogues very interesting.
The only time when I thought "enough already!" was when I visited the Black Fortress itself. I basically spent 3 hours nonstop talking to people. I think they should have "gated" this zone even more than they already have.

Another point where I don't exactly agree on Fluent is the character development.
On some points you spend it's quite unclear what they actually do.
I mean, did you now the the best way to migate damage is to increase Dexterity and almost ignore endurance? Probably not, because the chance of evasion is not displayed. All you see is the percentage of mitigation if the evasion was not successful. Or is it clear what stat you need to increase more powerful pets or turrets? You don't really get that information.
Also from lvel 10 onwards or so I didn't find the character development really interesting. Often you can unlock additional skills when putting 6 points in a talent tree. But in very rare cases they actually do anything "big" for you.

Completely agree with Fluents statement about the graphics.
About the sounds I don't agree: I need some music.
Having played a few spiderweb games I knew what was coming and I already built some music playlists for playing the game. I also switched off the background noises. Now I can't really judge on the background noises, but I remember the noises of Avadon1 and Avernum. And these very horrible, especially in the cities. Because they used very short soundclips which had some very recognizable elements in it. So you hear like "*mumbling* *mumbling* *some screaming boy* *mumbling* *mumbling*" and after 30 seconds or a minute again: "*mumbling* *mumbling* *some screaming boy* *mumbling* *mumbling*"
That got annoying really fast. Can't judge it for Avadon 2 as I said. But also due to the missing music, this category doesn't get a good grade from me.

Where I strongly disagree is the interface:
The interface is quite bad: You only have 4 quickslots, which is only enough for the very first levels. After that you have to open the spellbook almost each time (pressing mentioned hotkey a) and then selecting the spell. It's not comfortable at all. Also the controls in the fights aren't well. It happens extremely often that you missclick and send your character into death. There is no type of move confirmation or something like that as you may know from other games.
And while the combat system is good (having 8 AP in normal cases and hitting costs 9, but you can use it even if you only have 1 ap left) it's not implemented very good. You can't see how far you can move until your turn is over. Sending your character on the map, and passing enemies on the way during combat can be some fiddling.
Last but not least: You cannot close the inventory with the same key as with which you open it! That's a little thing which is really annoying until you get used to it.
Personally I put the "open inventory" key on something like a thumb button on my mouse, and the ESC buttong to close that window on another button. Such a nasty thing, already existed in previous games. So easy to change and still…

Personally for me all the cons you listed are not that much of cons (well the easy to find NPCs are a thing, but personally I keep separate notes and like playing that way) but I agree that for some people this might be problematic.
My Cons would instead be:
-slight balancing issues (they make the fights not challenging anymore, but it doesn't feel completely horrible)
-interface problems
-slight lack in graphics
-big lack in sound

Would have given 4 out of 5 stars.
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