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November 16th, 2013, 10:04
Originally Posted by wolfing View Post
I'm completely the opposite. I play RPGs because of the tactical gameplay (that's why I normally don't care about action RPGs). I remember the tactical gameplay of many RPGs I've played, but the stories are forgotten a week after I finish the games.
How about exploration and discovery then ? Solving quests (preferably with the option of trying different things and expecting different outcomes) ? even puzzles on some of the oldies…

Personally I would have been bored to death of RPGs if tactical combat (Which I like very very much indeed especially if it is TB) was all there was to it.

Its good that games like this get made for the aficionados. I certainly can have boatloads of fun playing one (for a time), particularly a well made one.

P.S Some Action RPGs can be very tactical. The tactics are on a another level though (a sort of plan ahead and prepare for the fight and an adapt and think on your feet kinda way) and definitely don't hold up to the true tactical possibilities of a well implemented TB system (even RTWP is better naturally). Just a different sort of fun for me.

Favorite examples: The Gothics and recently Dark Souls. Those games have very little (if anything) to do with reflexes. I was never too sharp on hand eye coordination (nor did I suck of course) and I believe my reflexes (pretty decent) are starting to slow a bit with the years, yet I do quite decently in the aforementioned examples…
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