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November 16th, 2013, 13:58
They are also saying that "Avadon 2 also maintains all the same issues the first game had in spades. There is too much of a focus on combat, and the combat that does make up most of the gameplay simply isn't very good most of the time"
I have read something like that before and I am wondering: What do these people want? I mean I agree that Avadon 2 has it's flaws in combat, but thats because of imbalance of the tinkermage and the interface. But otherwise it's great. I don't remember any RPG where I had more fun in the combat than in Avadon 1 and Avernum (which were the same as Avadon2 just without the balance issues).
On torment the combats were extremely challenging, you needed to use all available tactics, and the multi phased boss fights are something you hardly see in any isometric RPG.
Also I hate it if people complain about that they don't need any tactics when doing the fights when they don't play on the highest difficulty. Today's "normal" difficulty in most games means that everyone and his dog should be able to beat the game. If you want to need tactics, play on the highest difficulty.

Just for fun and comparison I looked up what they wrote about Grimrock which was written by the same dude: http://www.gamebanshee.com/reviews/1…ck-review.html
And while he agrees that it's "quite bare-bones, mostly consisting of dodging attacks while hacking away when you're able" it generally sounds very positive afterwards. To me personally Grimrock had a horrible combat experience. No tactical depth at all, no RPG elements at all as it didnt actually matter what your party members are. If you were infront of an enemy you went one step right, one step forward, so that you are on the right flank of the enemy and hack him, then you do the same so that you are behind him and attack him again, repeat until it's dead. You do that with almost every single opponent within the game and the "core element" of Grimrocks combat mechanic was the turning speed of the enemies. That's what I call "not very good most of the time". Well, actually I'd call it "very bad most of the time".
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