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November 16th, 2013, 14:17
Its true you could easily exploit Grimrock's combat. I chose not to, instead I played by planning, using the level layout and even retreating to other levels as a last resort. More fun this way.

That said we can agree that Combat and general RPG elements are not the game's strength. Level design and puzzles I enjoyed quite a bit though (and of course nostalgia played its part for those of us that grew up with the EotBs and LoLs). I certainly had a lot of fun with the game and felt well served for the amount payed.

A good first effort. I will hold them on more demanding standards for #2 though.

I agree about Vogel's games though. I like the combat. I believe he sets up his encounters pretty well and they are fun to play. I would have to say that out of the three games I've played I consider Avernum 6 and the Exile remake to be far superior to Avadon (Which I liked nevertheless and will get #2 without a doubt). I can imagine he must be starting to feel a bit stale at this point to the people following his games from the past…
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