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November 16th, 2013, 15:21
I haven't followed the differences in console version vs PC, but my understanding is there is no online requirement for the former.

The online requirement doesn't bother me. But why don't the principles that led to the requirement apply to consoles too? I guess the console players are being "ghetto-ed" out. And since when is he the arbiter of how D3 is most fun to play? I joined plenty of bad groups online that made me long for offline mode from time to time. Mostly I ended up forming private games to filter out 7337doodz and kiddies.

D3 was a huge disappointment from the start (which really bummed me out— I ran out and bought it on release & was close to upgrading my PC just for it). I haven't played in many months and don't think the new expansion will bring me back.
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