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November 16th, 2013, 16:18
Currently, X:RB is a huge disappointment, sadly! It hurts badly. It's an epic failure. Steam forum goes berserk. OK, its mostly crap of uninformed kids, but I haven't seen THAT amount of rage before.

Maps: useless, you cannot scroll and zoom, nothing. No minimap. Auto pilot: gone. 3D character models - they wasted their time, as expected. Their thoughts on Yisha (your mate with the extra long neck): "Oh, gamers want tits". Also the stations from inside. They've got that "OMG, are we back in the 90s" flair. The one and only player ship: no. Looking like out of a 2005 computer game. NPC just standing around and all the same models. Old grandma face with Claudia Schiffer body.
No free look and turning when sitting in the cockpit (they should play ArmA in order to see how this is done). No zoom look that was possible before.
For every bullshit the ship needs to stop and character turns right in order to control something. Of course no free turn, just fixed animations.
THAT UI - they just have gone wrong. Seems like they only used controllers in Ego-Land. UI is crap for a genuine PC game. And the UI fonts: micro.

There's just so much so utterly wrong that you cannot believe it.

Fortunately we had XCOM:EW release at the same day.
Space, station exterior and highways: good. But navigation is just bad so no fun yet. I cannot enjoy this currently.
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