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November 16th, 2013, 18:23
Well they do seem to have changed maybe even too much, nothing seems to work the way it did, meaning people need to learn it all over again. One should probably approach this as an entire new and different game so as not to be immediately disappointed - try to focus on what you can do in this game instead of what you can't do the way you could before. Some things didn't change though: the game is buggy, the interface is terrible, sometimes doing something is more complicated than necessary, some visuals are dated, the NPCs look awful, the voice acting is bad… yeah, sounds like X.

It is unfair to compare the first few hours with the entirety of a playthrough of the previous games. To be honest I found the first 5 hours of this one a lot more entertaining than the first 5 hours of TC… at least I spent them actually playing instead of doing research on the web in order to figure out how to dock at a station
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