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November 17th, 2013, 02:18
The Question with graphics and sound is always when it reached a level for you personally when it doesn't play a role anymore. This red line is different for everyone of course.
For me the graphics are really "on" the red line, I would give a little minus for them because the graphics don't "feel good".
The sound however is quite bad and gets a big minus from me.

But even with that I would probably give 5/5 if everything else was great (would definitely give 5/5 for Avernum). In the end the rating reflects the fun you had and isn't exactly a mathematical sum of it's parts. I mean let's take Dragon Age 1 or something like that which you might have given a 5/5 and then ask yourself "did you have the same fun with Avadon 2"? And if the answer is yes…well, it probably deserves the 5/5. That's also the great thing about small scale ratings. You don't really need to justify each percentage like in a 0-100 scale. Even if fluent gives it a 5/5 that doesn't mean he would also give it a 10/10 (which he did kinda do on metacritic, but I hope you know what I mean )

About having more deeper game mechanics…well, guess that's really a matter of taste as well.

In the end you need to know how the guy who writes a review ticks and what he likes and dislikes to "blindly trust him" - or to know that you better ignore him because you don't share a similar view.
I mean if you read a review of someone rating Avadon 2 with 1/5 and the summary is "no voice acting, graphics suck!" and you personally like that game, you at least know that you don't need to read further reviews from that person/site.

But I have a question to fluent:
I mentioned the "red line" in the beginning.
Obviously you don't have issues with sound/graphics in Avadon 2.
Would be interesting to hear from you if you had any game which is slightly too bad graphics and/or sound wise to reach your "red line".
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