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November 17th, 2013, 03:41
I think the system itself was neither especially good nor especially bad.
A spell creator system will lead to a lot of problems if it's not done right. You tend to build the strongest spell you can and ignore the rest. Sometimes it's better to have the freedom to chose one of four spells, each with it's ups and downs instead of having the freedom of creating your own spells, where you always end up with "the one best spell". A good and balanced system would take lots of effort and can easily backfire. It has it's reason why so few games use classless characters and offer a spell creator. I think Jeff will rather take the easiest path and leave it as it is.
Same goes with Sci Fi. Fantasy works for him. It always worked, will work in the future and it's the easiest thing to do as he already has the graphics for that.
But yeah…could totally see how Avernum could be an "explore this alien planet" RPG.
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