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November 17th, 2013, 04:05
The simple answer is that Blizzard has truly lost it's way, maybe because of the influence of Activision to concentrate on making games that make the most money instead of making a great game that becomes an all time seller.

Blizzard used to make complicated and deceptively deep games that were still easy to play due to ridiculously good UI and systems design,

D3 is a game and that actually got significantly worse the more they worked on it. The first version at Blizzcon 2008 was a really good game. Exactly what you would expect from D3. It had depth and familiarity and they had plans for lots of systems that would add more depth.

But over time they kept removing feature after feature. The beta was almost surreal in that the game clearly got worse and more dumbed down with every version, until the point that there was nothing really left. A Blizzard developer actually said at one point that his grandmother needed to be able to sit down and instantly get the game.

If you can watch the video where they announced D3 for the first time. It is pretty amazing in that the alpha they showed was significantly more advanced and interesting than the game they released.

Three big things happened. One their success lead them to believe that their opinions were infallibly wrong. Two, their gigantic financial clout allowed them to take their "iterative" design process to an extreme which resulted in so many drastic changes and reductions in scope that the game itself was lost. And three, they became only interested in creating revenue streams for their products which led to the AH which totally killed the shell of what was left.

This interview only shows that nothing has changed and Blizzard just does not ger it anymore. They don't really even understand their own audience. ROS will be a terrible game.
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