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November 17th, 2013, 12:23
Originally Posted by Guido Henkel View Post
I think we did pretty well on the update front, wouldn't you say? I tried to get an update up every day of the campaign, and I also tried to make sure it contained valuable information, not only a brief "Hello".
The updates were ok IMO. The problem I see is that you only got specific in the updates. I can only speak for myself here, but I never check back if a project didn't convince me the first time around. I don't go back every day to read a new update and decide if it's worth backing now.

That said, the updates were still lacking in details. We've had an update on combat now, but still the flow of combat in Deathfire is rather obscure. I don't know much more than that it's turn based, I can use items and range figures into the calculations somehow. The one thing that stands out most right now is the companion interactions; but that one depends a lot on people's tastes (i.e. MMO's are still superior for social dynamics).

Not trying to knock your campaign. I'm sure Deathfire and also Thorvalla would have been good games had you had the chance to develop them. But both campaigns would have been served well with more information.




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