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November 17th, 2013, 15:57
Originally Posted by guenthar View Post
I only use potions if I absolutely need them and don't like to squander them. When it is an enhancement I only use those on the most difficult enemies and if I can't beat non-boss enemies without using enhancement potions I do other things to improve my characters so that I can. The problem with using potions all of the time is that you will run out quickly and then you will have to buy more or get them other ways and it would be a big waste of time and.or money and you have the risk of going bankrupt and potentially getting stuck in the game.
Seems like we all have the same type of mentality with potions ( and enhancements).
When I finished NWN's and modules and expansions, I had a TON of leftover potions and still beat the game. Then I noticed I always have left over best buy coupons, free movie tickets from movie rewards that I never use, starbucks gift cards, expired other gift cards etc.
It's the same DAMN Thing!!
One day a buddy said to me (about some reward points on my Visa) As soon as you get them-- USE THEM-- because statistically people never do use them so you are missing a benefit with your hoarding, poverty mentality. ( He was a Brand Manager for Proctor and Gamble so ostensibly he was knowledgable of such things)
Frankly such simple advice changed my life and my gaming habits.

Now I use my best buy reward coupons to buy steam cards,to buy games. And I use potions as often as I can.

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