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November 18th, 2013, 11:37
Started playing on Friday, and I'm almost done with Shadows of Amn. Doing Throne of Bhaal later this week.

So far I've encountered a few annoying issues, but nothing game breaking. The most annoying issue is a crash-to-desktop thing that seems to happen every few hours for me. Luckily, frequent auto and quick saves means I haven't really lost a significant amount of time due to it. Also, I'm a bit annoyed by the appearance changes to certain characters or items (Shield of Harmony, Aran Linvail, etc).

Beyond that, I'd say the new characters are pretty good, though I haven't tried the monk yet. I've played through the quests of Dorn, Hexxat and Neera, and they were all quite a bit more interesting and challenging than the existing companion quests.

Anyway, I'll probably write some more impressions later. Oh yes, before I forget: They've fixed exploits like item importing from BG1 with pause and pickpocketing Kangaxx for a second Ring of Gaxx. Somewhat frustrating to be honest, I actually liked using those for soloing purposes, ah well.
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