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November 18th, 2013, 11:54
No love for Arx ?

Gothics and Stalkers are made of pure atmosphere as many have noted (no wonder they rate among my all time faves ) Dark Souls was already mentioned naturally
I'd definitely put Arx up there with them on the Atmosphere (love that game deeply).

VTM, Morrowind, Skyrim and DeusX :HR form a very strong second tier for me btw…
Heavily modded fallout 3 and FNV too go on a third (but still very atmospheric) tier.
All that if we are strictly talking RPGs though… (I mean ofcourse you can't say atmosphere without mentioning Thief, Undying, Metro etc. etc. lots of very atmospheric games out there if you get down to it)…

P.S Personally I'd put the Witcher 1 on my second and #2 on the third tier (without that meaning that they are not amongst the most atmospheric games I have played naturally).

Things like that (mood, atmosphere) are quite subjective though and there are a lot of variables in play regarding how a game captures you at the time you go through it for the first time…
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