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November 18th, 2013, 18:25
Originally Posted by zadawn View Post
What really makes The Witcher the most atmospheric to me is the amazingly beautiful music, realistical art style, a gritty and dark world that seems like it is living the final hour of its life, the environment filled with poverty, melancholy and sorrow.
I'd definitely agree on what makes it one of the most atmospheric rpgs of the last few years. period. particularly for #1 and the almost lyrical chapter by the lake. What takes it down ever so slightly for me is the engine and its limitations (for #1 in particular).

They did an amazing job with what they had back then but the smaller levels, lack of physicality (no jumping invisible fences etc) and long loading screens detracted just a bit from it imo.

For #2 they had a more capable engine that unfortunately shared some of the limitations from #1 but also upped the pace of the game a bit and went less dark gothic fantasy and more High Action (with a heady dash of politics). Still a very very atmospheric game ofcourse and an excellently constructed and believable world (and characters, which only adds to the atmosphere imo)…
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