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November 19th, 2013, 01:46
Hi Fluent,

I have adressed it a little bit - by increasing respawn time of generators to around 5 minutes. A lot of maps spawn monsters without generators though, mostly out of sight range. These still have high spawning rates. I don't really want to reduce those rates, because it might ruin the multiplayer aspect and also tamper with the difficulty level.

Part of the equation may be the overall difficulty of the game. I try to maintain a difficulty level that is challenging, but not unfair and not frustrating. I'm still working hard to get there.

The balance of several classes may have improved a bit over the last months:
  • Robot is slightly OP.
  • Warrior, wizard, ranger and monk are pretty well balanced.
  • Mutant is poorly balanced, still requires a lot of work from my side.
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