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November 19th, 2013, 15:54
Hi Io, glad to see one of you guys popped in over here again. I've already posted to you several times on the steam forums, so I won't repeat those conversations. I'm still hopeful for more character creation options. To increase replayability, it would be nice to actually have a say in the type of character I start the game with. Hopefully you guys tinker with that so that we get the illusion of playing "our" character instead of yours.

Also, hated that the spell you get for the Onaris/Sinaro quest is one that is already part of the arsenal of mages. The spell is only useful for the half elf. I would have prefered fireball for my main mage instead. It would be cool if spellbooks offered more than one spell. Say if you take fireball instead of fire dart, it can only be learned once and destroys the book. That way, you wouldn't have 3 or 4 characters with the spell, unbalancing the combat.
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