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November 20th, 2013, 09:31
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
Yes, but I would have liked Star Wars toys regardless of advertising. I'm quite sure of that.

On the other hand, I'm also pretty sure I still wouldn't have touched a Barbie Doll even if it was the only toy in history to be advertised.

See what I'm saying now?
I don't know how you can be sure of that.

If you look at Star Wars - the movie - today, it's basically a bit crap. Just like the new Star Wars movies are basically crap - but guess what: kids and young people love them.

As a kid, you don't know quality and consistent writing from the spectacle.

Also, when something is hyped - kids hear about it, and they tell their friends.

It's not that Star Wars toys are inherently bad or crap - but the reason millions and millions of people played with them is NOT that Star Wars is such a high quality film with superb acting or writing. It was just a major spectacle, which gave power to hyperbole and the impact of advertising.

Exactly the same with Avatar - which is 100% spectacle, hyperbole and advertising, if you ask me. Absolutely nothing non-visual/spectacle-driven in that film is above "meh". People absolutely adored it at first - and it's taken months for the IMDB rating to get down to sub-8 levels. Essentially, it's a bit crap.

As for the Barbie Doll, sure, you also wouldn't have worn pink girly clothes.

But you just might have played with Lego or Actionman because your friends told you about them - and because it was "cool" at the time. Cool being whatever people talk about and not what's necessarily higher quality than something else.

If you honestly believe you were a discerning individual as a child - then forget about convincing me. It won't happen.

The truth is that we're all susceptible to the power of advertising and what's "cool" - though some are more resistant than others.

That's all I'm saying.




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