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November 20th, 2013, 08:40
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
You just wrote a wall of text that really didn't dispute anything I said.

I'll reiterate and keep it simple. Advertising has never made me suddenly like something that I disliked.
No one has said you'd like what you'd otherwise dislike. I don't know why I have to remind you of this every other debate - but there's something beyond 0 and 1. There's neutral as well, for instance.

We're talking about creating needs where there wasn't a need before.

As in, you might not have had any desire to play with Star Wars or Lego - but advertising or hyperbole created that desire in you - by making them seem so cool. It's not that they're NOT cool (necessarily) - but you were just fine without them before - and you're not really better off with them, not necessarily anyway.

If you think you'd have played with it regardless, then imagine if marketing had worked in reverse and basically made the toys seem uncool and "girly" and your friends told you it's crap and that you should stick to ET.

Obviously, JDR is beyond manipulation - but the average child would most definitely be affected by such a thing.

Also, you're saying no advertisement or marketing campaign has EVER made you reconsider IN THE SLIGHTEST that you may be wrong about one product or another? Not for a game you didn't think you'd enjoy, for instance? EVER?

Have you ever bought a "Collector's Edition" of something? Are you sure it's because you REALLY wanted all that junk? Has it been worth it always? If so, you're obviously still buying them.

Have you ever pre-ordered something without actually getting any tangible benefit from it?




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