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November 20th, 2013, 14:11
Ok, it's definitely not the same as hate for me.

But in my world - things can change and things can have ups and downs. I've seen shows with some lesser seasons recover in the latter seasons, though it's rare.

For instance, Dexter was fantastic season 1-4 and then it slowly started to decend, but for whatever reason - season 7 was better than 5-6 and quite watchable. Season 8 was abysmal. But I was really invested in the characters and I wanted to see what happened, despite the last season being terrible.

So, I can't "realise" I dislike something quite that easily. It all depends on several factors.

As for TWD, I'm going back and forth between dislike and slightly above "meh" - but I'm curious about what happens, and the theme remains powerful.




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