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November 22nd, 2013, 15:17
Originally Posted by Gorath View Post
We'll have an article about Blackguards too. I saw the game at the GC but got stuck in real life before I could finish the article. I'm playing the game now, and enjoying it quite a bit.


Here's a simple piece of technical feedback:
The game isn't compatible to a 2 monitor setup yet. The mouse runs out of the main monitor into the other one. (I've been told fixing this is trivial for a coder.)

Other stuff:
- I'm missing feedback on which character is group leader now, or whose stats are used for a check during a dialog.
- trading: I would like to see the gear each of my characters is wearing, to compare it to the stuff available at the shop. Having to enter / leave the shop dialog several times produces unnecessary mouse clicks.
- trading: I don't really like the current item comparison method (-> color coding of different stats). Of course it's better than no item comparison, but I would prefer to see the full stats for both the shop item and the item my char wears next to each other.
Nice feedback! I'm looking forward to the article. Thanks for your effort .
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