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November 24th, 2013, 08:58
Interesting post from the "Leader of Rogues" at the Codex:

(A Daedalic dev)

Thanks to RPG Codex for all the input from the “Leader of Rogues”

Right from the start we made a decision in regards to the tactical part of the game; let’s say this was the easiest part. We wanted to stick as close to the P&P rules as we could but make it enjoyable to all groups of players even those never played a tactical game or RPG.
The biggest part was to create something new and having no clue if the people will like it at the end. The main focus was on creating a game that will make fun at all; therefore we made a lot of decisions during the production linked to that issue which had a massive impact at all

For example, at first we created the cities to be walkable and fully 3d as in regular RPGs, but unfortunately it slowed down the whole game a lot and we needed to find a different way doing the same without breaking the fun. It was not our intention to add more useless game time to the game because you need to run from one point to another so we came up with the version which is now inside of the game.
Pretty same for the world map, we started with a full 3D map/world it looked great, but we discovered a lot of problems linked to it. This time is was more technical problems linked to the engine.
We also first liked the idea to have random encounters on top to the unique battle maps on the world map. It was a great idea, we thought but it turned to be bad as we tested it in real. The game feeling change from unique appeal to be repetitive which not our intention was so we dropped this feature as well.
So we had also the great idea to bring in flanking, so we tried to find a good way for it to bring it in. As we had finished the options we learned we had built something like a “conga line of death”. What on paper looked like a great idea turn out to be a nightmare in our game. In general the problem was linked to the hexes and of course the way we can move the chars or the enemy could move inside of the game. After three more attempts to change it into something good we decided to deactivate the option until we will find a real solution for the problem.
In regards to the GUI we had a few iterations with total freedom in char creation and char development for the player which lead to a total mess for our test players. They were overwhelmed by the freedom and the options they had until we came to the one which is the game, right now. This is mainly the reason for the missing documentation because we are now in the situation to write tutorials and also more documented things because we finished the Gui right before the Early Access approach. Also due to the feedback we learned a lot what should be documented because after 2,5 years it’s more like running around with horse blinkers.

But honestly spoken creativity and budget are two different things. We had/have tons of ideas that not made it into the game but we have them ready for whatever comes next.
There are a lot of things more to tell but maybe we will make a postmortem when the game has been finished so you can see more clearly what we tried and why something’s are not in as well.

So I am of to work now to get solutions to work, we gathered from the communities feedback.

The Leader of Rogues
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