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Default Witcher beginner questions during playthrough ?

November 24th, 2013, 21:23
Hello. I started playing the Witcher and I might have some questions while playing.

Please do not give me spoilers for further chapters when you can prevent it.

Please be aware reading this thread might spoil your game if you haven't played before.

I was hoping to find answers here.

A few quick ones:

1. What's the point of the little dagger and the slot for an axe or mace ? Won't the fights be with the main weapons anyway ?
The only time I've used the small slot was touring a cave before I had cat potions…

2. I had received a quest from some fat guy in the inn in chapter 1 to find a dead friend. I had gone into the cave to find the guy but I didn't find anything, also I'm now in chapter two, would there be a way to go back to the outskirts at some point ?

3. If possible without spoilers, would it be known to us at some point whether or not Abigail was the one who created the Beast ? Or if it really was the villagers ?
I let Abigail go and slaughtered all the citizens, because I didn't like them kidnapping children, but I'm quite suspicious of her too.

4. How useful is it to upgrade the signs ? I don't understand what "Sign Intensity" really means ?

Bonus :
Why can I sell chicken for 5 coins, but the most exquisite wine for only 2 ?

Note: I just started chapter 2, finished off the beast in the sewers.

Thanks in advance
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