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November 24th, 2013, 23:08
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1. What's the point of the little dagger and the slot for an axe or mace ? Won't the fights be with the main weapons anyway ?
The only time I've used the small slot was touring a cave before I had cat potions…
Weapons other than swords are completely useless.You can sell them, but not for particularly good sum.
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2. I had received a quest from some fat guy in the inn in chapter 1 to find a dead friend. I had gone into the cave to find the guy but I didn't find anything, also I'm now in chapter two, would there be a way to go back to the outskirts at some point ?
There is now way to return and complete that quest anymore.Corpse was in that cave IIRC it wasn't hidden.
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3. If possible without spoilers, would it be known to us at some point whether or not Abigail was the one who created the Beast ? Or if it really was the villagers ?
I let Abigail go and slaughtered all the citizens, because I didn't like them kidnapping children, but I'm quite suspicious of her too.

Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
4. How useful is it to upgrade the signs ? I don't understand what "Sign Intensity" really means ?
It's useful but not as much as swords.Sign intensity increases damage and additional effects like duration, range etc.. depending on sign
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