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November 25th, 2013, 01:00
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3. If possible without spoilers, would it be known to us at some point whether or not Abigail was the one who created the Beast ? Or if it really was the villagers ?
I let Abigail go and slaughtered all the citizens, because I didn't like them kidnapping children, but I'm quite suspicious of her too.
You're asking a very good question, but did you happen to read the beast entry from the witcher beastiary?

"The hellhound, referred to also as the Beast, is a creature of the underworld, a specter that assumes the form of a terrifying hound and tirelessly stalks its victims once it finds their trail. Peasants believe that the hellhound embodies the vengeance of the gods, who send the Beast to punish humans for their wickedness."

The wickedness part is important. As far as I've understood beast appears when crime goes largely unpunished and when wicked deeds pay off. During chapter 1 you can find various hints how corrupt the whole village is truly and how many of the population has some kind of dark secret.

The most obvious examples:

-Mikul the town guard raped a girl called Ilsa and the girl did a suicide by using abigeil's poison. Mikul's was never punished. Instead he was accepted to town's guard.

-The revered had a daughter, whom he renounced and exiled due to girl being pregnant. Yet he acts all high and mighty infront of his flock.

- Haren Brogg in the docks has been selling illegal weapons to elven terrorists and he has likely done much worse. Yet authorities let him run his business without interference.

-The fat Merchant, Odo had a brother who was a soldier and Odo despises all soldiers because well he couldn't himself ever become one due to his cowardice. The armour of Odo's brother can be found inside the merchant's house, bearing the coat of arms of Temeria. During one of the side quests you can find out that his brother is likely burried near odo's house which explains the presence of the nasty Echinopsae plants.

And what do we know about these kind of plants? Again to quote witcher beastiary: ""Echinopsae are monstrous plants born of curses which grow in places where terrible crimes have been committed if the crime in question was never atoned for. The beasts try to take their vengeance on criminals, but they do not spare the lives of innocents who haplessly enter their territory."

Now you can pretty much put 1 and 1 together. Again an evil deed has gone unpunished.

-Also we cannot ignore how revered and his closest supporters safeguarded the salamandra presence in the village because this organization kept them in power.

-Most of all many ordinary villagers were well aware of the mentioned crimes, but they decided to look the other way because its easier not intervene.

And ofcourse Abigeil herself is not entirely blameless as she sold the poison to Ilsa. No doubt she has sold other kinds of poisons to other villagers in the past, but I think she lacks the power to summon any kinds of beasts. Beast appears because of the evil deeds men and women do daily basis.

Atleast thats how I understood it.
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