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November 25th, 2013, 17:34
Originally Posted by Pladio View Post
They usually want something though . And I never seem to have what they want handy as I put everything in storage at the inn. I have 10 rings and a few amulets, lots of fancy wine, one blue meteorite ore,.
Any suggestions on what items to keep ?

New question:

4. How do I use the forging menu with the blacksmith? It just looks like a shop menu and there don't seem to be any options or explanations on how to forge better swords

Thanks again.
They usually want food or alcohol in return.

Meteor ore is used to forge new Steel swords. There are 3 kinds of meteor ore in witcher 1:

1. Blue which is the most common ore type, increases the chance to cause pain and disarm effect.
2. Red: adds more base damage and increases the chance to cause bleeding effect.
3. Yellow which is the rarest ore type: adds more base damage and increases the chance to cause: pain, stun, precise hit and bleeding effects)

You always need 3 piece to forge a sword, but you can combine various ore pieces like:
-3 red or 2blue+1red or 1yellow+2 red and so forth. Each recipe forges a different kind of sword.

To forge a sword you must have atleast 3 pieces of ore in your inventory. When you open the blacksmith inventory, you can see all the possible sword combinations in his inventory ready to purchased. Forging a new sword costs orens naturally, so you need to have proper ammount of orens.

Forging a new silver sword is quite similar, but instead of ore stones, you need collect rune stones: there are 3 kinds of them as well.

1. Earth rune
2. Sun rune
3. Moon rune

There are also few other rune stones that can be added to your silver sword like oils or whethstones.
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