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November 25th, 2013, 20:01
I loved those games! For those who never played them, think of System Shock in a dungeon setting, and you'll get the idea (in fact, it was the same design team). I believe it was the first true 3D PC game (excluding flight sims). The map allowed you to add your own notes, which was also a first. I thought the combat was well done. Holding down the mouse button to power up your swings made sense; Games today just require a rapid fire trigger finger.
BTW, GoG has both UU1+2 for only $6.

EA owns a ton of old Origin games that are ripe for remakes/sequels, but their bean counters are too stupid to see the gold mine they are sitting on. For example, EA let the Wing Commander franchise rot because they believed space combat sims are deadů So, Chris Roberts rebrands it as Star Citizen and raises $30M in crowdfunding and will probably net ten or twenty times that much as a finished game at retail. I'll bet EA is taking a second look at their much more well known Wing Commander franchise.
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