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November 25th, 2013, 22:05
Ultima Underworld has always been my favorite game for it's time. It blew my mind more than any other game. When it came out, I stood in the store and read on the back of the box that it has 360 degree perspective. "Yeah, right" I thought. "It's probably actually like the first person Bard's Tale games where you only see north, south, east, and west." But I got it home and sat through the intro where you're thrown into the mountain dungeon and the door is slammed closed behind you. You find yourself in dank darkness and moss and slime, with no way out but to go further in. Then I touched the mouse and the view moved smoothly! Wow! It really is! I then continued to play eight levels of the most immersive dungeon crawl I'd ever seen.
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