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November 26th, 2013, 05:45
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
IIRC it was one of those Ultima's in name only.
I disagree. The plot of UU was certainly a side-story to the core Ultima games. But the gameplay itself was Ultima through and through. If you want real Ultima games in name only look to Lord of Ultima and Ultima Forever. But putting UU in the same category as the two aforementioned games is, well, it's a sin and you need to wash your mouth out with soap

Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
I also recall serious hardware requirements like the need for a hard drive to have it run. Unfortunately, when I got to finally play it it was too rough for me.
Well, to be fair, every Ultima game released in the 80s and 90s pushed existing hardware to its max, so singling out UU for this lacks some perspective even if at face value your criticism has merit. And by 1992, most PCs were equipped with hard drives even if you still didn't have one. At least UU didn't require Voodoo and for that I gave the box a big hug. Remember boxes? Ah the memories…
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