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November 28th, 2013, 23:47
Been a while since I posted so figure I would share a couple of stories I wrote with images from Nexus.

A Prelude to An Old Wolves Tale

Come listeners, gather around the campfire and grab a mug of ale, for the Bard Wolfgrim Dark, of the Black Wolf Company, is preparing to tell "An Old Wolves Tale" during the Festival of Fenrir. However, before that tale is told, all initiates need to know some of the lore relating to Fenrir and the Black Wolf Company.

Many of you should be familiar with "A Soldiers Tale: the Story of Eir" as the minstrels have been telling that tale all over Skyrim. It is the tale of how Eir joined the Black Wolf Company and received the Blessing of Fenrir. But what, you may ask, does that mean? How is that different from being a Champion of Fenrir?

Eir Receives the Blessing of Fenrir

Grimulfr Tells Eir about the Blessing of Fenrir

Well the Blessing of Fenrir is a divine blessing that grants the recipient divinely enhanced natural senses, the ability to attune themselves to the ebb and flow of life in the world around them, and the ability to transform into a werewolf.

Unlike Hircines blessing (or curse depending on your point of view), Fenrir's blessing leaves the user in complete control of their mind and soul. However, it tends to be weaker than that of Hircines brood, as it can only be used for short durations, and not very often, for it can cause great stress to the users body. This blessing is only given to a rare few who show exceptional bravery, inner-strength, and devotion to Fenrir.

Grimulfr Bonds with the Wolf Pack

On the other hand a Champion of Fenrir is a mortal who is also a direct blood descendent of Fenrir, and they are rare indeed, often only showing up in times of great need. It is rumored that every few centuries Fenrir will take on human form and mate with a mortal. The offspring of that mating are said to have the potential to become one of his champions. This is why Commander Grimulfr was given the surname of Fenrirson, as it literally means "Son of Fenrir", as he bears the birthmark of Fenrir's bloodline.

A Champion, in addition to the same benefits of those blessed by Fenrir, can change at will into a wolf beast as often as needed. However even a Champion can only maintain the form for so long before they need to return to human form to recuperate. They are also more powerful in wolf form, being equal in strength to one of Hircines Alpha Wolfs that roam the Hunting Grounds. In addition they are exceptionally large in size, often reaching eight feet in human form at full maturity, and almost immune to all forms of cold and frost.

Grimulfr is both Wolf and Man, A Son of Fenrir and Guardian of the Wild

Grimulfr was found as an infant by Brother Velulfr, a Black Wolf mercenary, abandoned at a shrine to Nocturnal. Velulfr theorized some thief got pregnant and, not being able to deal with having a child, decided to leave the decision up to the luck of Nocturnal. No one knows where Grimulfr originally comes from but one thing is known, in addition to being Dragonborn, he also carries the blood of Fenrir in his veins. But do not envy this man for with this power comes grave responsibility, temptation, and a level of risk greater than most people can even comprehend.

So, now that you know a little about Grimulfrs past and lineage, you hopefully will be able to make more sense of "An Old Wolves Tale" when it is told at the annual festival of Fenrir, held every winter in Skyrim.
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