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December 1st, 2013, 01:01
Originally Posted by GhanBuriGhan View Post
Here is a similar list from the Iron Tower forums, though limited to TB games - I think there are a few games in there that are not listed here yet.

I made this list RPG because I'm more a RPG player since a long time and because of the forum. I also believed 2013 would be quite special for RPG. But the end of the year is coming and I realized this year has been two points for me:
  • From very very far, the best Mac game year ever, it's just stunning.
  • Not a RPG year but instead a huge Strategy game year for me, and since a very long time.

I should have made like this guy ie a TB strategy games list too, he does it, but few more wouldn't hurt. As a draft for 2013 TB Strategy (noteworthy) releases ie the other list completed with some mentions:

Mac release or not:
  • MAC : Mac release done or almost sure.
  • mac : possible bot not certain Mac release.
About the sub genres (don't put too much faith into the tags I give):
  • 4X : More or less related to 4X games which means from Civilization to Master of Orion.
  • MM : More or less related to a Heroes of Might & Magic approach, or Age of Wonders.
  • TRPG : Tactical or Strategy game but with a large part of RPG elements.
  • SWG : Streamlined Wargame, not meaning no depth but typically with a higher focus on ease of use and appeal than pure realism or complexity.
  • SSG : Streamlined Strategy game not related to war games, not meaning no depth but typically with a higher focus on ease of use and appeal than pure realism or complexity.
  • CWG : More on the classical Wargame tendency, ie probably more for pure wargames fans.
  • CG - Card based game.

Released (30 November):
  • Dominions 4 (4X/SWG - MAC)
  • Battle Worlds: Kronos (SWG - MAC)
  • Endless Space Disharmony (4X - MAC)
  • XCOM Enemy Within (SSG - MAC)
  • Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes (MM)
  • Pandora: First Contact (4X - MAC)
  • Might and Magic Heroes VI Shades of Darkness (MM)
  • Civilization V: Brave New World (4X - MAC)
  • Battle Academy: Fortress Metz (SWG - MAC)
  • Battle Academy: Rommel in Normandy (SWG - MAC)
  • Tank Operations: European Campaign (SWG)
  • Jagged Alliance Online with Shadow or Ivan Pack for a standard game (SSG - MAC)
  • Skulls of the Shogun (TRPG)
  • Agarest: Generations of War (TRPG)
  • King's Bounty: Warriors of the North (SSG - MAC)
  • Eador Masters of the Broken World (MM) (remake)
  • World's End Chapter One (TRPG - Web)
  • Space Hulk (SSG - MAC)
  • Fantasy Kommander Eukarion Wars (SWG/CWG - MAC)
  • Arma Tactics (SSG - MAC)
  • System Crash (CG - MAC - released but the author is still polishing important elements)
  • Flashpoint Campaigns: Red Storm (CWG)
  • Alea Jacta Est- Parthian Wars (CWG/4X?)
  • Espana 1936 (CWG)
  • Civil War II (CWG)
  • Germany at War: Barbarossa 1941 (CWG)
The "classical wargame" additions are perhaps a bit an abuse because it's really not a game genre I have look at since a very long time. But when browsing I noticed some and added them in the list to check them deeper later.

Some chance they are released before end of year:
  • Unity of Command - Black Turn (SSW - MAC) (Release the 10 December)
  • Telepath Tactics (TRPG - MAC)
  • Xenonauts (SSG - MAC)
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