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December 1st, 2013, 01:37
It was still arguing about Shadowrun returns? I think there's really a point generating a rather important schism.

I don't care if an area is a simple/mildly deep maze with fights thrown in it, it's pointless and not better than a linear corridor. It's all about choice and discovering not about wandering to the right or the left that could be a totally uninteresting and pointless choice. But that's how are filled many area of the best open outdoor RPG, just a pointless exploration with only a more or less touristic element.

For me non linearity (in general not only the spatial point of view) means searching, choices, alternate ways to do stuff, story elements, events, dialogs, puzzles, NPC and other concrete elements that are much more important than a bland non linear exploration.

So a point important is that in many area of Shadowrun returns:
  • Often for the exploration, I really have many littles choices, little stuff to find, some corners to check, or go nearer some place and check if some interaction are possible, some dialogs to triggers and some choices in dialogs. Moreover some area, let say about 3 offer more possibilities or puzzles and options than the whole ME2 game. All of that is for me an excellent substitute to non linear wandering, moreover linear wandering is too often pointless bland fillers in modern RPG, I don't have much the tourist soul.
  • During fights, despite the linearity or progression, there's still many placement choices, progression caution to apply, some tricks to exploits, and more, no way it's a static fight in a corridor as often in ME2 (ME3 doesn't a much better job in that matter).

The scale of the game is also misleading. The area in Shadowrun returns are seen from above and seems more simple, and a map to map comparison would show the ME2 maps aren't less linear. And if I take a game like NWN OC, obviously a RPG, that maps comparison would be in favor of SRR. Anyway if some want consider SSR isn't a RPG, fine for them, but they are obviously wrong, I don't see why bother argue on that, I just do it for the struggle against lies and manipulation, a fight for the obvious truth.

That said, no way I consider SR on par to ME2 (nor to ME3) because ME2&3 have a much better writing, dialogs and story, better deeper characters, deeper companions, and overall the fights even if in a totally different genre and quite good in SRR, are better in ME3 and even in ME2.
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