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December 2nd, 2013, 00:31
Interesting. I was wondering what 1.75 was all about and I'm glad I'm playing with the 1.74 GOG version. The game does stutter a bit but it seldom crashes. I got about a month in and 150 hours and I think 3 CTD thus far. A vast improvement over my day one purchase CD that crashed 3 times every 10 minutes. Sorry I can't help you with your issues, but I would start over with 1.74. This is my 4th time playing G3 and it looks like I am finally going to finish a game.

BTW, I too love the vibrant colors of G3. And realistic darkness sucks. I consider it a cop out for not having any graphic content. Ewww, get me, it's all black and dark and I can't see a thing and I've been transported to the future in a cave filled with gold and diamonds and a dragon with a lazar gun on his belt. He is ordering me out of his cave with his mind control but I cant see the door. "Get out" he hisses, but I keep running into desks and chairs because I can't see a thing . . . then BLAM, he shots me dead, game over, lights turn up, credits . . . . I can read the credits.
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